Desperate to ditch dieting forever? Hungry to hear the story of a real woman as she attempts to f_i_n_a_l_l_y find her ‘happy weight’? Or perhaps you’re just craving the comedy of someone else’s chaos and mediocrity?

Well, BAM! You’ve arrived.

Hi! I’m Em and I am delighted you’ve stopped by for a visit.

Version 2

Does anyone enjoy photos when feeling fat?

This journey started when I read about a study, which found that the only result dieting is a strong predictor of is weight GAIN. I was shocked and horrified and incited to change.

This is partially true. Yes, after twenty years of dieting I found this fact horrifying. But no, I wasn’t shocked. After all, where had all that dieting left me? I’ll tell you where – Stranded at Brutal Bus Stop Number: 35 years old, 20kgs of excess body fat, 0.9% positive body image and zero.zip.nadda ability to listen to my own body signals (what’s full?!).

I knew the time had come for me to finally quit diets.

The purpose of My Fat Memoir is to document – in  all its fleshy, cellulited reality – my experience as I move from overweight and diet-addicted, to a happier, healthier and (hopefully) lighter place.